About Greenfield Groves and What We Stand For

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Our Purpose

Greenfield Groves is a Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation is similar to a traditional Corporation but with modified obligations committing it to higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

Lindsay Giguiere, our Founder made the decision to form Greenfield Groves as a Benefit Corporation for the purpose of creating both, public benefit AND sustainable shareholder value.

Our forward-looking business model reimagines whole-body health from the ground up by weaving together intuitive technologies, vertical operations and science-backed consumer products.

The comprehensive solution we are developing is reshaping the way women and their loved-ones receive care, by providing convenient access to a range of traditional and holistic solutions.

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Our Pillars We Stand On

Intuitive Technologies greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, advanced technologies

Technology allows us to best understand the immediate needs of our audience and develop a meaningful life-time-value opportunity with them through artificial intelligence:

  • Interactive Content Streaming

  • Distanced Engagement Applications

  • AI Driven Practitioner & Product Suggestions

  • Personalized Continuity

  • Ledger-based Data Security

Vertical Operations greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, vertical operations

Our operations are vertically built thus, we can uniquely provide science-backed,  transparently made products direct through our Telehealth platform and  consumer brands. Our vertical processes

  • Genetics and Farming

  • Processing and Extraction

  • Formulation and Manufacturing

  • Telehealth and Telemedicine

  • Marketing and Distribution

Consumer Products greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, consumer brands

We offer a diverse collection of brands that allow for us to satisfy several different consumer audiences. Our Brand lineup includes:

  • It Matters

  • Herban Goods

  • Danavi

  • Smiles for Miles

  • Feravana

  • Felicitails

Our Audience We Serve

We NEED Comprehensive Solutions
greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, mom hugging daughter

To solve the adherent problem facing modern-day women, the Greenfield Groves Team has developed a comprehensive solution by weaving learning technologies into our Telehealth and Telemedicine Platform, Science-Backed Formulations, Sustainable Supply Chain and Modernized Farming.

Our proven success in problem solving through innovation gives us great pride, as the Team here at Greenfield Groves moves forward to support our advocates of all ethnicities and generations, day-by-day.

We NEED Transparency
greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, mom and daughter unpacking groceries

Women are not often provided, yet are now demanding, the upmost transparency in the personal and home care products they buy, and the services they select, for themselves and their loved ones. The very concept of Trust is exactly what the Team at Greenfield Groves is diligently working to satisfy through our platform approach.

Across all of our brands sustainable transparency is a must. Providing clarity on the what, where and why is the foundation of our purpose.

We NEED to Thrive Beautifully
greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, teen girl having fun

It’s not what you see on social media, it is how you feel in your very own skin. Beauty is about Thriving and our comprehensive products take into account all aspects of healthy living from the inside-out.

Health, wellness, and daily beauty regimens are not a fad. They are core to natural beauty, and something we find unique, fun and here to stay.

We NEED Intuitive Personal and Family Care
greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, woman using telehealth services

It’s more than just seeing a virtual doctor, women lack the intuitive resources and support to research, discuss, purchase and benefit from a social wellness platform and community of professionals and peers who hear them and can help. Greenfield Groves, through its distinct brands provides a wealth of resources and connections for the entire family women are striving to care for.

Our Telehealth platform is based on convenience and intelligence. focusing on all areas of personal wellness.

We NEED Greenfield Groves
greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, boomer woman aging gracefully

To solve the “overmedicated” problem facing our communities, the Greenfield Groves Team has set out to invest heavily in the research and development of new plant-based medicines. We believe that Mother Nature gets it right and by simply listening to Her while combining our efforts with leading scientists there are better answers to be found.

Doing good and being good is part of our Team’s DNA. Through research and our Foundation work, we aim the provide immediate benefit and to increase longevity in the ones we love.

Our Social Commitments

Greenfield Groves will remain committed to always balancing environmental concerns and local community benefit while developing our technologies, pursuing transparency and bringing effective formulations to our customers. The scientific and medical partnerships that we have and will continue to develop will be focused on ease of access, diversity and safety. Our aspirations are extremely focused on advancing self-care in the Global Wellness and Local Telehealth Markets. As a Benefit Corporation, Greenfield Groves prioritizes its environmentally sound decision making to benefit ALL employees, customers, partners, constituents and shareholders.

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Our Recent News

greenfield groves, lindsay giguiere, 2021 business execution framework

Greenfield Groves 2021 Execution Framework | Extensive Investment Insights

Mini-IPO Digital Health & Wellness Investment Opportunity For Astute Investors

Did you know:
  • The 2020 global pandemic has empowered consumers to virtually embrace their health, wellness, and self-care?
  • The Global Wellness economy has a market value of $5+ trillion and growing?
  • During the Greenfield Groves Mini-IPO, retail investors looking for venture capital-like returns are able to invest for $1/share?
  • You can invest today in Greenfield Groves for as little as $100 and take part early on in its exciting future?
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