Our Integrated Operations

We call our operations “integrated” because we consider how all parts relate to the whole. Our vertical supply chain has been designed with the end in mind, so that we might heal our environment first and ourselves, second.

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Good genetics are our roots. Only from healthy and resilient genetics does everything else grow. Our nursery partners are obsessive about identifying and breeding the very best strains of adaptogens, hemp-derived CBD, CBG and CBD, as well as other therapeutic botanicals in order to deliver you effective products, every time.

Our attitude towards farming is simple: give back more to the land than we take. This attitude goes beyond “sustainability” (which by the way, we think is a term that has been milked for the wrong reasons). Instead, we practice regenerative farming in pursuit of healing our soil, our water, and our community.

When you hear the word “processing,” what do you imagine? Most people envision a dated factory polluting natural resources and mass-producing barren products. While that picture is representative of the conventional way of doing things, we take a different approach to so-called “processing”. To us, “processing” means meticulously taking care of our plants and natural resources throughout the harvesting, sorting, curing, trimming, and handling steps of our integrated operations in order to maximize the therapeutic benefits you receive from our products.

“Extraction” of an ingredient can be perceived as damaging to the essence of the plant when it pertains to the benefits mother nature intended. Again, we have the conventional way of doing things to thank for this. But rest assured, there’s nothing wrong about the way we unlock botanical benefits from our bounties. Our Supercritical CO2 Extraction method draws out delicate cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and other nutrients in a way that is as safe-for-you and clean-for-you as it gets.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. Why shouldn’t our approach to healthcare work the same way? That’s why we take your lifestyle habits into account when we sustainably formulate our products. We like to think circular over linear. Root causes over symptoms. Longevity over a quick fix.

You have the right to know how your products are made and the impact they may have on your health. You shouldn’t need to blindly trust that your products are “effective” “sustainable” or “good for you”. You should be able to see and know for yourself. When you connect to our It Matters Platform consisting of both traditional and alternative practitioners (from any phone, tablet or device), not only are you matched with experts that are best equipped to meet your needs, but you are provided scientifically backed products and regimen recommendations to produce results. No more wondering “Is this good for me?” or “Will this really work?”. Finally, you can see your products’ journeys from end-to-end and feel sure of your choices.

Don’t you think it’s time you could text your provider and get Everything Wellness delivered straight to your door? We think so. The way we market our brands goes beyond fancy messages and pretty pictures, and the way we distribute our products goes beyond stocking big-box shelves. Rather, we are committed to teaching first and selling second. We are committed to serving You first and the big wigs, not on your nelly.